Do-it-yourself and the Museum Weekend 2014

Museumweekend 2014 poster bij artikelWould you like to go to a museum, but you don’t know which one and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? On the 5th and 6th of April 2014 you have the chance to visit various museums paying a small amount. This weekend is the 33rd edition of the Museum Weekend, a national event that happens this time of the year. The 300 participating museums offer special activities that evolve around the theme of this year: Do-it-yourself. The admission fee depends on the museum. Some museums have special reductions, others you can even visit for free.

The (Dutch) Museum association (Museumvereniging) created the Museum Weekend in 1981 to encourage people to visit museums. Every year this event attracts around 200.000 visitors. Although there will be activities like workshops, guided tours and lectures for the whole family this weekend, a first edition of Museumkids Day was held on the 2nd of April 2014. Are you already looking forward to visiting a museum? Do-it-yourself this weekend!

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