Happy World Wetlands Day Netherlands

Happy World Wetlands Day! The 2nd of February is the perfect day to give some extra attention to wetlands in the Netherlands and all around the world.

Copyright: www.inspirefushion.com

Copyright: www.inspirefushion.com

Wetlands Celebration

On this day, in the year 1971, the Convention of Wetlands was signed. The event happened in the city of Ramsar in Iran, which is why the event is also known as the Ramsar Convention. Each year on the 2nd of February this historical event is being celebrated by (non) governmental organisations, small associations and individuals all over the world. By organising seminars, photo contests, nature walks and clean ups these wetland friends demonstrate the importance of wetlands. On the website of World Wetlands Day you can find out how you can participate.

Wetlands in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the proud owner of 53 wetlands throughout the country. Some of them, like Hollands Diep, de Waddenzee and de Biesbosch are well known, but are you able to name all or at least half of them?

Before you give it a try, maybe it’s a good idea to first give a definition of what a wetland is.*

Copyright: Veritasteksten

Copyright: Veritasteksten

Water & land: Game of Attraction & Rejection

Wetlands are areas where water and land play a fascinating game of attraction and rejection. Swamp forests, marshes, rivers, lakes, peatland, coral reefs, rice-fields and floodplains are rich of water which permanently or temporarily covers the land. The water can be brackish, freshwater or saltwater, can be flowing or static, but will always be in close connection with land.

Wetland Conservation

These fascinating natural areas of water and land attract many visitors. The wetlands are a fantastic habitat for animals and plants. The large variety of flora and fauna attracts human visitors. They come to enjoy nature or to learn about the way wetlands control floods, purify water and provide food, raw material and water to many small communities.  These communities, the flora and fauna, they depend on the wetlands. But, the wetlands are in danger. They are threatened by pollution, the introduction of weeds and non-native species, climate change, overexploitation and the construction of dams and other water diversion structures.

Treasured Wetlands

Wetlands should be treasured, because that’s what they are: treasures. Help Wetlands International and many other wetland friends to sustain and restore these beautiful, important natural areas. #WorldWetlandsDay #WetlandsForOurFuture

* A list of all the Dutch wetlands can be found on the website of Ramsar