The story

Verita’s Copywriting – and Translation Services finds its base in the studies, work experience and hobbies of her founder, Vera ter Beest.  In ‘The story’ you can read everything about Vera ter Beest and Verita’s Copywriting- and Translation Services. Besides, it is an unique way to get to know her writing style. 

The story of Vera ter Beest and her services in text and translations consists of the following short chapters (You can click on the titles):

1. Studies:

Story  Verita's Tekst- en Vertaalservice

1.1.Essays and academic content

1.2. Multimedial communication

2.Work Experience:

2.1. Enthusiastic blogger and reviewer

2.2. The customer friendly content copywriter

3. Hobbies:

3.1. High profile content and bridge-building translations