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During high school I made a discovery: I was good at learning languages. The Spanish language always attracted me as it was en still is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In Spain I followed many Spanish language courses and even worked in one of the schools where I attended classes. The language fascinated me and I was eager to find out more about the Hispanic cultures. At the University of Utrecht (NL) I did a bachelor in Spanish language and culture and a master in Occidental literature and culture. My interest in doing research developed during my study and my passion for text and language became clear.

Multimedial communication

During these studies other subjects got my attention. I found out that there was more to communication than just speaking and writing a language fluently. Therefore I went to the University of Sevilla in Spain and the Free University in Brussels to study Communication Sciences. I became even more creative with text through courses on multimedial communication. These only broadened my perspective by showing that texts get a totally different meaning when used in combination with images, music and video’s.